Friday Fictioneers – Bonk!

copyright Kent Bonham

copyright Kent Bonham


Here I sit, hanging by a wire.

I am waiting for my time to come. No one noticed as I wait above for my moment.

I see the young pop star, fresh out of the factory. Ah, I remember them well. Stock Aitken Waterman-types, now they’re all coming out of the Disney machine.

I’ve been up here for nearly 45 years. Same lights, same everything.

Oh, my time is just about here! I get my chance to do something awesome!

If I can just wiggle a little more, then I’ll be front page news!




Oh yeah, I am evil.


Friday Fictioneers – Open The Door

copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Open The Door

*bang bang bang*

“Carole, why won’t you open the door?”

“I don’t want to come out! I’m scared!”

“Scared of what?”

“I’m scared of what the world will do to me?”

“Honey, that was 15 years ago. The people who accused you of the crime have long since left the area.”

“But everyone else is still there!”

“Sweetie, if you don’t come out of there, I will have to come in and get you.”

“You don’t want to do that, James. You could be the next one.”

“Carole, I made you a werewolf. What could you do to me?”

“I could have your litter…”

Friday Fictioneers – Pearly Whites

As per normal again, Friday Fictioneers! Here’s my contribution, after nearly 3 long months of rest and agonizing over grad school applications:

copyright - Douglas MacIlroy

copyright – Douglas MacIlroy

Pearly Whites

Bright lights shone across the sky.

The beam blasted from the tower into the room of one Marc Lavagneur, paparazzi extraordinaire and general pain in the butt.

“Gah! Can’t they just stop with the light already? I get the picture!” he yelled out the window.

He walked over to his phone and dialed up a number he never wanted to call.

“Hello? Creative Arts Agency? This is Marc Lavagneur. I give up. I’m done.”

The light stayed on.


The light suddenly went off.