Friday Fictioneers – Steppin’ Out

(Author’s Note: Thought things were going to be late due to the election and the results…but I was able to get them looked at, and was able to spend time. I think I should have time for more long-fiction coming up. We’ll see. Anyhow, here’s today’s Fictioneers.)


© Sandra Crook

Steppin’ Out

by Miles H. Rost

“How about this hat? Don’t I look good in it?”

“Honey, you look like one of the locals in that. It’s like you’re wearing the board from Family Feud on your head.”

“Oh, poo. You’re no fun.”

Christine Bakshri smiled, as she turned around and looked at the other hats in the market of Tashkent. Her beau, Henry, looked bored but was secretly enjoying himself.

“Henry, do you think we’ll ever return home?”

“We stepped out of the country for a year. Do we really want to step back in?”

Christine thoughtfully looked around.


They gave a wave, and continued walking down the market street.


Friday Fictioneers – Pearly Whites

As per normal again, Friday Fictioneers! Here’s my contribution, after nearly 3 long months of rest and agonizing over grad school applications:

copyright - Douglas MacIlroy

copyright – Douglas MacIlroy

Pearly Whites

Bright lights shone across the sky.

The beam blasted from the tower into the room of one Marc Lavagneur, paparazzi extraordinaire and general pain in the butt.

“Gah! Can’t they just stop with the light already? I get the picture!” he yelled out the window.

He walked over to his phone and dialed up a number he never wanted to call.

“Hello? Creative Arts Agency? This is Marc Lavagneur. I give up. I’m done.”

The light stayed on.


The light suddenly went off.