What this blog is about

Welcome to my fiction and music blog. My name is Miles, and I’m your writing host here. Grab a seat and look out the window at the wonderful view of a great lake.

The goal of this blog is to expose people to different types of fiction and also other music that people may not have heard before, or even cared about. The stories are written as a way to express what’s going on in life and the muses that come to my mind as the days and weeks come forth.

In each post, there will be a link to either a music video or a song on youtube that will allow you to feel a bit of the song in your mind and show you a feeling that the story emotes. As of the publishing of this “description page”, there have been three stories. If you have a chance, please make sure to read all three of them:

The Changes

I Get Weak

Through The Fire

As days go by, there will be much more added, and there may actually be additional parts to each story as time goes along. If there are additional chapters, then you will be able to see all of them in the same tag. Keep an eye out, because they may not be together. The tags should show up on the right side when that happens.

If you have any questions or comments, please go ahead and submit a comment. I do have to clear them, so if it’s a private question, I can answer it privately without posting your question. For comments, give me a day or two to clear them, depending. As a teacher, sometimes it gets a bit busy. So, be patient.

Also, feedback and linkage is always nice. I will do the same for any pictures and/or media that is posted. Please do the same, as these stories are for people to read and enjoy.

Enjoy the world of music and fiction. And keep praying, it does a mind good.

14 thoughts on “What this blog is about

  1. I have written several short stories inspired by songs. So you know of a magazine on line that accepts those kinds of stories?
    Mike T

    • Well, I am hoping to leave the teaching of ESL for the teaching of Writing down the line. I just need to get out of my blues. And the best way for that is to just do some writin’.

  2. I’m sorry I’m late. You visited my blog through the Friday Fictioneers, and followed. Thanks for that. I think your idea of adding music to the experience of reading is an excellent one. Many writers have their special ‘writing music’–sharing some of this with the readers is great. 🙂 Good luck with your projects, eventually I may tackle Twitter as well.

    • Personally, I would say that blogging on your own might help out. Or, possibly, look for some literary publications (magazines) that may be more open to your style.

      I am not totally sure of it, myself, because this is mostly a hobby for me. But I do wish you good luck and best of musical creativity in whatever you do.


    • I feel that music adds a layer of goodness, like the frosting on a cake. A story can be just a story, but add some music to it and it can become a whole new experience.

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