Friday Fictioneers – Couple Days Off

(Author’s note: I get my couple days off in a few weeks. Hopefully gonna be able to rest. In the meantime, enjoy today’s fictioneers…)


© Claire Shelton

Couple Days Off

by Miles H. Rost

Brad had more holes in his fingers than a sieve.

He was on staple number 1590, he knew because every time he took one out, it pricked him. This was his punishment, this was his purgatory.

“I really just want to get out of here…”

5PM couldn’t come fast enough, and as soon as he saw the hand hit 12, he quickly stood up and ran for the door.

“Hold it there, bucko,” a familiar, nasal voice piped up from behind him. He knew that Mr. Gibbons was behind him.

“It’s 5, Mr. Gibbons. I’m outta here.”

“Where are your TPS reports?”




Friday Fictioneers – Sunday Bloody Sunday

(May 18th. A day that links Korea and America in two different events. This short mini-fic is one event.)

© J. Hardy Carroll

Sunday Bloody Sunday

by Miles H. Rost

“General, sir!”

The General, Chun Doo-Hwan, looked down at his messenger. The current leader of South Korea furrowed his brow

“Yes. What is it?”

“The Gwangju situation is getting out of control. The students are starting to march.”

“Did we get any news from the US Ambassador?”

“President Carter’s man said that they’re okay with the plan.”

“Then it’s simple. We get order back. Send in the Special Weapons Commandos and see if the students actually can stand up to them.”


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Friday Fictioneers – Bonk!

copyright Kent Bonham

copyright Kent Bonham


Here I sit, hanging by a wire.

I am waiting for my time to come. No one noticed as I wait above for my moment.

I see the young pop star, fresh out of the factory. Ah, I remember them well. Stock Aitken Waterman-types, now they’re all coming out of the Disney machine.

I’ve been up here for nearly 45 years. Same lights, same everything.

Oh, my time is just about here! I get my chance to do something awesome!

If I can just wiggle a little more, then I’ll be front page news!




Oh yeah, I am evil.