Friday Fictioneers – I Write The Songs

(Author’s note: Things have been busy. so I haven’t been writing as much. Here’s today’s Fictioneers.)

© Ted Strutz

I Write The Songs

by Miles H. Rost

Darren closed his notebook, folding his hands across the front.

He took the Alaskan cruise in order to get away from the usual distractions, and allow him a chance to clear his mind.

The cool sea air wisped around him, bathing him in the ideas that he tried for years to put on paper. From the moment he walked onto the cruise ship, he started seeing different inspirations that would give him new fodder for music.

He thought about his friends back in Seattle, wondering if they’d come out of their trances with the new “Tik Tok Friendly” music.

He flipped open the book, and put pen to paper again.

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18 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – I Write The Songs

    • There are thousands that are generation at the moment of inspiration that will never see the light of day. However, the ones that do are spectacular. Just ask Rick Beato.

    • I had to play this almost every weekend for an oldies show back in the late 90s. Saturday night, always requested by the same 3 people. t was… special, if you can call it that.

    • The idea is more the thought of appreciation of the longer music, the patience of sitting and thinking, instead of just eating a small 60 second morsel and calling it good.

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