Friday Fictioneers – Ridin’ With The King

(Author’s note: I was unfortunately detained for a month handling the issues of a new roommate for the house. But, since the lease for the new roommates has been sent (and is being signed), I can get back to weekly posts! Here’s the latest!)

© Claire Fuller

Ridin’ With The King

by Miles H. Rost

Leon hoist himself out from under the chassis of a 57′ Bel Air.

He loved to work on the old cars, and having his own shop was a point of pride for the young looking man.

Hearing the familiar dings of a customer pulling up, he walked out into the hot air and shielded his face.

He was looking into a 1977 Ford Mustang with Shelby-Cobra emblems. A 289 engine. Whoever this person was, they knew what they were doing.

“Can I help ya?”

“Can you look under the hood and see if I got a leak?”

Leon grinned.

13 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Ridin’ With The King

  1. I do have an engine leak right now… need a new valve cover gasket. I’m so fed up with local mechanics who treat women as if they’re stupid. I’m about ready to buy myself a torque wrench, rent a storage shed for the day, and fix it myself. Grrrr….. Great story! Merry Christmas!

    • Sometimes, it’s better to do it yourself. It just depends on what year the vehicle is. If it’s anything after 2014, it’s just better to take it in. But, sometimes, it’s just really tough.

      • I did finally take it in for the gaskets, plugs, new radiator hoses, and fluids… sometimes… grrr… anyway, now the engine is running rough because the idiot put in 6 oz too much oil. grrr… If it weren’t for my hubby, I’d probably had the guy up against the wall by now. I’m so pissed.

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