Friday Fictioneers – I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me

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© Roger Bultot

I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me

by Miles H. Rost


It’s what Holly Blankenship always wanted.

She understood there was a price to be paid for having that serenity, and she was willing to pay it. For a while. The old ruins of the science building on campus gave it to her, and no one around to say anything.

But she didn’t want to be alone. She wanted serenity, without the loneliness.

“Excuse me. Is this ruin taken?” she heard from behind.

She whipped her head around at the male voice behind her. His eyes widened and he started to run away.

She sighed, turning around again.

Alone again.


35 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me

  1. He is presumably a ghost, because he asks whether this ruin is taken. So what does that make her, I wonder? Or have I got it back-to-front? You’ve created an enigma, Miles!

  2. So many unanswered questions! This feels like it could be expanded on, still as flash, but maybe another installment? 🙂

  3. A brilliant cliffhanger at the end. My guess is that she was involved in scientific experiments in that building and ended up badly disfigured in the face by an experiment that went wrong. Of course, whether she’s an apparition or still alive is open to question….I’m probably barking up the wrong tree, but that’s the beauty of clever cliffhangers. So many possibilities. Well done.

      • Thanks, Miles 🙂 It’s fascinating to see the different ways that people interpret a piece of writing, just as it’s fascinating to see how they respond to the photo prompt each week. I thought of her as someone who wanted to break free of a particular man’s domination, but then finds that there is no such thing as total escape, as she can’t erase the memory of him.

  4. I know a few people who seem like her. Wants friends and even finding love and a partner but have personality traits which get in the way. Even when these people have grated me, I try to see the person at the bottom of it…their heart ache, which isn’t always easy.
    xx Rowena

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