Friday Fictioneers – I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight

(Author’s note: The song doesn’t match, but I couldn’t find one for “You died of dysentery”. Otherwise, Enjoy!)


© Danny Bowman

I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight

by Miles H. Rost

“This is not fun.”

“Oh, come on, Dave. This is the adventure of a lifetime! To really live and breathe as your ancestors did all those years ago.”

“All my ancestors died of dysentery, Rachel. Only one line was able to make it.”

“But, your family did make it to Oregon didn’t it?”

“Yeah, but most of them died of dysentery!”

“I get that…I really do. But that doesn’t matter because you’re here now. And you’re living as they did.”

“When I said I wanted to play Oregon Trail, it was the computer game.”

“Oh…Uh… Check supplies again?”


41 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight

  1. Living in Idaho, I’m fairly close to some portions of the Oregon Trail including the Three Island Crossing re-enactment at Glenn’s Ferry as well as a number of other nearby sites in western Idaho and eastern Oregon. You don’t really have to live it out to experience the history.

  2. The past wasn’t as romantic as some make it out to be. I love the humour although I doubt a dysentery song would have become a chart hit.

  3. Yes… very glad you could not find a song about dying from dysentery! And this was a hoot. No wonder I stay away from computer game nerds…

  4. I was born in ’85, and remember the game in the mid-90’s (and a little in 2002-2003). I don’t remember dying of dysentery, but do remember trying to take a shortcut and not making it. (I read that they use the term “Oregon Trail Gemeration” to refer to older Millennials and the youngest of Gen X.)

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