Friday Fictioneers – Ice

(Author’s note: Was gone last week, due to issues related to work. I hope to be a bit more consistent when I finally get myself into my own place again, instead of having to drive 45 minutes from work to get home. Anyhow, here’s special music to go along with today’s Fictioneers…)



© Prior House


by Miles H. Rost

Another morning, another bucket of ice.

It didn’t matter what happened, Juanita always had to bring a bucket of ice upstairs to her employer’s chambers.

She knocked twice. That usually woke him up.

After a minute, she opened the door to his cavernous bedroom, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. She brought the ice over to the bed, and pulled the comforter off him.

A sea of black, purple, and blue caused her to gasp.

She reached down, trying to wake him up. The moment her fingers hit his skin, she recoiled.

He was as cold as the ice she brought in.


12 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Ice

    • The story opens itself up to what you’re wondering. Another morning. Knocking twice usually wakes him, sea of black, purple, and blue… It is for you to use the theatre of your mind to take a guess at what happened. And trust me, some of the ideas you can come up with are going to surprise you. ^_- Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you get to read a lot more. Telling your own story is always awesome.

    • Well, if it gives you any idea, my friend asked if he was “Batman”. I responded that he was dead, he couldn’t be Batman. So I think your guess it quite correct. What’s the first rule of fight club?

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