Friday Fictioneers – The Kingdom

(Author’s note: It’s been a week. But I went through the last 3 months of comments, and was able to respond. Because I actually care about people’s thoughts. And now that some things have come together on this job, I’m looking forward to the future. In celebration, here’s today’s Fictioneers!)


© J Hardy Carroll

The Kingdom

by Miles H. Rost

The people at school knew nothing about Mindy Royal.

The bookish 18-year old was friendly, but no one really took the time to get to know her. Most regarded her as a plain Jane.

Steve Jacobs did not. He was someone who always gave her a smile, helped her when books fell on her, and even gave her lunch money.

The day after her 18th birthday, she walked into her high school, dressed up like a princess. She met Steve, and immediately proposed to him.

She was Princess Melinda, and she needed someone special to be her Duke of Leeds.


24 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Kingdom

  1. Steve is such a good guy. I think the beauty of the high school setting you chose is that I immediately pictured this happening in the hallways of my own high school. It has a real feel but at the same time fantastical in the right ways. Great use of 100 words!

    • Part of the reason it’s so real nowadays is because of of Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It was also had bits of my own memory in high school: We had an actual princess from Cambodia going to school with us. It was a bit surreal.

  2. Ditto to Kelvin’s comment. Reminds me of the princess diaries, with a geeky awkward ugly duckling turning into a swan. Im glad she recognized the good in him, but boy, 18 is young!!

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