Friday Fictioneers – Fellowship Hall

(Author’s note: I am currently in the beginning stages of transition from Australia to my next assignment, which will be in…I actually do not know where. We’ll see what happens. Here’s today’s Fictioneers offering, again not based on a true story.)


©Roger Bultot

Fellowship Hall

by Miles H. Rost

20 years.

Everyone was finally together. All 85 of Mitchell High School’s class of 1995. And the stories were flying.

“Do you remember Joan Snart? Apparently, she’s directing adult films in Hollywood.”
“Can’t be anything like my ex-boyfriend, Russell Graves. He’s the undercarriage cleaner for Greyhound in Seattle.”

The laughter was palpable, and the stories continued. That was, until the name was brought up.

“Anyone heard from Brian McLaurence?”

The entire place had become silent at that instant. The class looked at each other, and bowed their heads.

“Robbery,” someone said, “I was on duty. I found him. Died on scene.”

A sniffle started the flow of tears in the room.

27 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Fellowship Hall

      • Yowza.. I am not feeling any younger as 2016 will be 35 years since my graduation… And at our 10th reunion, we had a situation like your Brian. Our guy, Michel, had a stupid accident, drinking with buddies, challenged to climb up the outside of a triplex and lost his grip, falling to his death. Such a waste of a talented, out-going guy…

  1. That’s why I never go to reunions… (it’s a think in Germany, too, always has been afaik). For me, these years were the worst of my life, and I really don’t want to look back, partly because I’m afraid a lot of what you described would happen. Good story.

  2. Sad story. Well written, and oh, so very true. There were 40 in my graduating class, and by our 10th anniversary, only 10 of remained. Damned Iraqi war!

  3. That would be hard. I haven’t been to any class reunions yet, but it seems there would be a lot of this there, both life-measuring contests but also those uncomfortable moments like this.

  4. I like how you’ve used dialogue to show the sudden change of mood as the bad news comes out. Well told. Good luck with the move, and enjoy your 20 year get-together when it arrives. It will probably be wonderful.

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