Friday Fictioneers – Willy!

Author’s Note: Welcome again. Things were busy this week, and I’ve been confined to my bed due to a nasty head cold that my unforgiving students gave to me. So, nothing new came out since last week. Hopefully, things will change this week.

copyright Dee Lovering


by Miles H. Rost

“I saw something like this in London.”

Margot Boyndon looked bored as her family zipped through the streets.

“Oh, really”, her brother asked.

“Yeah, it was in the center of this square. It looked like a willy.”

“Margot! Don’t use those words in the car!” Her mom screamed from the front, whipping her head around to glare at her only daughter.

“It’s true. It looks like some private part that’s been pointed in the air. Kinda like Dad’s.”

The car swerved slightly, her father trying to regain his concentration.

“Margot! How dare you!”

“C’mon, Mom. I walked in on you two dussying it up in the living room.”

The rest of the trip was quiet, as they made their way…in the car…to the Portugal/Spain border.

12 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Willy!

  1. Well, if dad’s Willy was as big as the statue, it had to come out in the family conversation at some point (There is a pun in this line that I’m not sure was intended).

    Fun little tale – or piece of tale.


  2. Dear Miles, I am almost 100% positive that our little darlings never peeked at us. Once they had let a little girl in the house and went to our bedroom and tried to push on the door which wouldn’t budge. Our oldest son said “Thems all the time doing that. Don’t know why.” Good job and great story! Nan 🙂

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