Friday Fictioneers – Missing You

(Author’s Note: My most recent work has been seen by a few people, but could use a little more viewage. 2300 words for a work that I decided to let run on it’s own. Go read “Hunters of the Night“, and see what you think. Otherwise, here’s the next Fictioneers for ya.)


© Jean L. Hays

Missing You

by Miles H. Rost

The new roads probably don’t fit my style anymore. Interstates everywhere, they say.

Can’t make your way in the city anymore, the cities are starting to crumble and fall. Egos everywhere.

Then there’s me. I sit along the road, waiting. Once in a while someone stops in, they take a look around or attempt to get inside, but they can’t. They’ll hop in their car and leave.

I’ll probably be around under the foundations crumble, until the weather takes its toll and finally does me in. But until then, I’ll stay standing.

Hidden landmarks are always found by those who choose to search.


Broken Stairway – Friday Fictioneers

I’m having a bit of a tough day today, my normal storywriting process has been interrupted. Here’s my contribution to Fictioneers. 


copyright Mary Shipman

Broken Stairway

“I cannot believe it,” Harvey said, glumly.

“I know, I didn’t expect it to happen either,” Harvey’s wife, Marina, replied. She was still in shock.

Harvey sat on a stair in the house of his childhood, a house destroyed by a tornado.

“Dad told me that the weather wasn’t going to come this way. He’s a weatherman, he should have known!”

Marina gave him a squeeze on his knee.

“Your dad is human, he didn’t betray you. Tornadoes are erratic, they’ll destroy things not even close by if they so choose.”

“Doesn’t change anything. I feel betrayed, my life is basically over.”

Marina just shook her head, as she walked up the stairs to the now open building.