Friday Fictioneers – I Got The Message

(Author’s note: Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope to have more fiction that isn’t fictioneers based coming up soon. The biggest problem is that winter camp preparation is taking up a LOT of my time, and it’s annoying. 55 days until I am done with this job, and a couple more after before I go back to America. Here’s today’s fictioneers, and a Merry Christmas to all again!)


© Bjorn Rudberg

I Got The Message

by Miles H. Rost

The stack of hats to the ceiling should have been the first clue.

The newest club here in Portland was supposed to be hip, the biggest place, and there was a line down the block to prove it.

I never take off my hat for anyone.

And here’s a big hulking monster named Tiny telling me I need to take off my hat.

“I never take off my hat!” I said, for the 54th time since entering the club.

“Tiny” looked at me and put his fist through a nearby wall.

No Hats Beyond This Point!

I got the message…


Friday Fictioneers – Valerie

For some reason, I am not sure why, this is the second week I have done a Fictioneers story with a girl’s name as the title. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in the middle of making a move. Next week’s Fictioneers story will be done from Melbourne, Australia!

copyright Kent Bonham


by Miles H. Rost


She walked up to the DJ booth that I was sitting at, and plunked a sack of lollipops next to the control board. She looked at me with those blue eyes, framed by aureolin-tinged hair, and a sly smile.

“I figured you could use these.”

I looked up at her, one eyebrow arched, giving her a querious look that could only be reserved for certain people. I looked at the flat candies on a stick and popped one in my mouth.

“Thanks, Val! You’re the best cousin around!” I beamed back with a cheesy smile

She furrowed her eyebrows at me, and stomped away, her attempt at flustering me failing miserably.


^ Original Version

^ 1987 Remixed Version

Friday Fictioneers – The Rack

Have you ever had one of those months where life just kicks you in the nuts? I’m having one of those. So, I hope this will make people feel better.

Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

The Rack

I traveled far and wide to see a thing of beauty.

I looked at an old wine-rack, now dutifully repurposed as a light display at this dive of a bar. I examined in thoroughly, and saw no flaws. The liquid was resonant, the electrical construction was exquisite.

“How much for that light rack?”

“It’s not for sale. That thing is what makes us half our money.”

“How does an old wine rack do that?”

The bartender I was talking to just laughed.


As the lights blinked to the music, I suddenly got the urge to buy a bottle of whiskey.

“How much for the whiskey bottle?”

“Heh. See? That’s what it does for me. Subliminal messaging.”

I only noticed that he was still speaking to me after plopping the whiskey bottle into my hand.