Friday Fictioneers – Because MUSIC!

I am late to the party, due to other things taking up my time, but here is another entry for Friday Fictioneers. The picture is from my friend David Stewart at The Green Walled Tower. I got an interesting idea for this…

copyright David Stewart

copyright David Stewart

Because MUSIC!

It was hard being a creative director. He came to Korea with his co-worker because of a bell with big sound.”You think this one looks good?”

“Seems a bit puny. Brian wanted a big one.”

“Let’s see what it does.”

He rung the bell.

Suddenly, a humongous *BONG* resounded throughout the countryside. The sound was so thick and rich, the men still vibrated after the bell went silent.

“I liked that!”

“It’s still too tinny. It won’t work.”

“It nearly shook your clothes off. It almost shook you all night long.”

“Sounds like a new song is brewing. AC/DC time.”