Friday Fictioneers – Rose Colored Glasses

(Author’s note: I had some family issues pop up in the last couple weeks, and when it comes to family, I will always give focus to them. Here’s today’s fictioneers…)

© Roger Bultot

Rose Colored Glasses

by Miles H. Rost

“I have a great life where I’m working, living, and being,” Goro said, putting on his hat.

“You’re in a camp house. You can only walk at certain times of the day. You have to be given tests,” Miyoko spat, disgusted.

“I have to have this attitude. If I don’t, I don’t survive. At least I can give everyone something to think about.”

“You let them treat you like good little cattle. They took us from San Francisco to here. They don’t care.”

“Miyoko, I know. I’m not wearing rose colored glasses. But, to help them, I’ll do what I do.”

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9 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Rose Colored Glasses

  1. I wish I knew the whole story here, but I think Miyoko thinks Goro is wearing rose-colored glasses, and that she is probably right and he never made it back home.

  2. Miles,
    Love the parable-like quality to this dialogue. Someone had to learn the lesson the hard way. We all need to take the rose-colored glasses off before it’s too late.

    • It was a terrible decision, and one that history has looked upon unfavorably. As long as we don’t repeat it (which would take a reversal of the Korematsu decision), folks like Goro will not have to be the entertainer for those imprisoned.

  3. I’m flashing back to what I know of the Japanese internment camps of WWII. A terrible shame for those whose lives were uprooted because of a possible link to the enemy forces of Imperial Japan. A knee-jerk reaction to Pearl Harbor. You’ve done a masterful job here of summing up the emotional responses.

    • Though some of the folks in the camp, like the person who I based Goro around, ended up doing well despite the hardship. Goro being Goro Suzuki, aka Jack Soo. The guy who played Sgt. Nick Yemana on Barney Miller.

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