Friday Fictioneers – Still The One

(Author’s note: Moving to a new location on Friday. Getting this out while I have a chance. Enjoy!)

© C.E. Ayr

Still The One

by Miles H. Rost

Martin stared out at the oil platforms of the Pacific, the sand slowly working its way around his toes, when she sidled up.

“It’s been 30 years, you know,” she said.

“I’ve thought a lot about it. When did you know that we were gonna be together?”

Claire ran her fingers through her long blondish-grey hair, capturing her thoughts.

“Probably sophomore year, when you snapped my bra in math class.”

Martin crinkled his face at that.

“Not my best moment, dear.”

“Well, not after I slugged you. At least I took care of you after.”

“And have been. For 30 years.”

17 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Still The One

  1. Some romances are meant to be. Great story. We need a few good endings here and there, don’t we. I met my hubby when in college I was so frustrated with the algebra book that I threw it across the room, and accidentally hit him. He brought it back to me and offered to help with my homework. Neither of us ever sat alone after that, and 3 years later, we married.

  2. Aww, love this one! I’ve always wished I could have met my husband when we were in high school or earlier, just to have known him as a kid! :>)

  3. Aw, a happy love story. Boys can be awfully dumb in their early teens, poor things. But then, girls can be just as dumb. I’m glad these two got things figured out 🙂

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