Friday Fictioneers – Love Lies Dying

(No author’s note. Just nice! Be with you next week.)


© Rochelle “The Boss” Wisoff-Fields

Love Lies Dying

by Miles H. Rost

Charles came home from school and ran upstairs without even a hello.

For 7 months, this happened everyday. Only stopped plinking to eat and sleep.

Finally, he came out of his room one day and called a family meeting. As the family gathered, he set up his one-man equipment.

“Family, I’ve slaved 7 months for this moment. To be able to present my new music. I call it “Jingle Rock”.

He played his heart out for 4 long minutes. The family paused, and finally clapped.

“What do you think?”

“You’re 32 years too late, son. They called it AOR back then.”

Charles only facepalmed.


17 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Love Lies Dying

  1. How frustrating for poor Charles! But then, how common, as well: it’s almost impossible to invent something nobody else has before you, and to do so on your first try, as a child? Everyone has to start somewhere — hopefully Charles will keep trying!

  2. I had to google AOR. (Adult Oriented Rock) even with your excellent example. I totally missed the movement. So if I was a musician, I could easily have ended up in his shoes.

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