Friday Fictioneers – Love Used To Be A Friend Of Mine

(No Author’s Note today: Just keep doing what you’re doing.)


© Janet Webb

Love Used To Be A Friend Of Mine

by Miles H. Rost

Paul Whitaker looked at the glass candy bowl, and sighed.

A gift given to him by a wonderful woman, the candy bowl was used quite a bit when he would host family gatherings. It was his estate that the Whitaker family reunion was held every 5 years. The kids always loved the candy bowl.

Then they stopped coming around. Things got busy. Soon enough, it was just him and his wife, Helen.

That memory, the last time he saw Helen alive, etched into his mind.

The candy bowl, the reminder of love, lay shattered on the floor.

His love was gone.


39 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Love Used To Be A Friend Of Mine

  1. The story of a life-long love told around a candy jar: brilliant. And very sad. Eventually, everything ends, but it is always too soon.

    • Honestly, it was merely just seeing the candy jar as the first of two things, and just going with it from there. Thank you for the note, and I hope you also liked the song that went with it!

  2. I agree, the tale is poignant and well told. Hope the poor guy doesn’t slide into depression.
    I feel a bit sad about that broken candy jar, though, for the sake of the descendants who might have treasured it for all the memories. Or maybe not?

    • Sometimes, it can be as bitter as a horehound drop. Thanks for stopping by the blog, and don’t forget to read the older posts. Even the long ones are pretty good. And you might even like the music! 🙂

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