Friday Fictioneers – Lonely Girls

(Author’s Note: Happy New Year a few days early! 2017 should yield a lot more from me, depending. Here’s today’s fictioneers!)


©Shaktiki Sharma

Lonely Girls

by Miles H. Rost

Marina looked like a lost rich girl among the steel and neon of the area.

“So, what are you doing here?” a blonde waif asked
“I’m waiting for my boyfriend…”
“On Hooker Row? Likely story.”
“Wait, you think I work down here?”
“You’re here, right? Girls don’t come here to wait for boyfriends.”
“He said he’s coming from work. He’d be here in 10 minutes.”
“Where does he work?”
“He didn’t tell me where, but he seems important. He drives an expensive car.”

The waif laughed.

“Oh, you’re sweet. You’re going to be quite a catch. He’s a pimp, y’know.”

Marina’s face blanched.

Please…let that not be true…


22 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Lonely Girls

  1. Loved her naivety. Well done. I was thinking about going down the hooker line but went down a not-unrelated path. That photo was certainly suggesting something seedy to me.
    Interesting how you mentioned that boyfriends didn’t meet their girlfriends there.
    I used to work for Dunn & Bradstreet in Sydney and their office was located in prestigious Westfield Tower, on William Street, Kings Cross. I’d go to work in the morning in my suit business as usual and if I left late, the hookers would be lined up outside and yes, my boyfriend used to pick me up in his very daggy brown Mazda 626. He was a computer programmer. Your story made me laugh. I was only 22 then…a lifetime ago!
    xx Rowena

  2. Very good tale – strong but sad too. What is she going to do about tht boyfriend now? Is he really a pimp? Could be more to tell here.
    There must be something about that blurry photo as I went down the shady, seedy, working girl route too …

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