Friday Fictioneers – I’m Holding My Own

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© Jan Wayne Fields

I’m Holding My Own

by Miles H. Rost

“Mitch, how long have you been living out here for?”
“Well, Sheena threw me out about two and a half years ago, and I didn’t find this place until the fall. I’d probably say almost two years now.”

The man took a long draught of his brew, looked around at Mitch’s “home”.

“And you like it here?”
“Yeah. I go to work for 8 hours, then come home to nature.”
“What about heat?”
“Sleeping bag, and if necessary, a good woman.”

The man took another long draw from his bottle.

“I have what I need right here. I am quite content.”


7 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – I’m Holding My Own

  1. Great take on the prompt and it’s also interesting to read the comments and see how others feel about living in a tent. I live in Sydney, Australia where all but 3 months of the year, you’d manage in the tent, aside from the rain. Mind you, they’re supposedly waterproof.
    I’ve been revisiting a backpacking trip I did through Europe back in 1992 in my early 20s. I was very idealistic back then and wanted to live in a tent and help people. In some ways, it’s a shame we have to grow up.
    xx Rowena

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