Friday Fictioneers – Kashmir (Sweater)


© Bjorn Rydberg

Kashmir (Sweater)

by Miles H. Rost

Mark lifted his head up from his book, as he heard the sweet sounds of a cello waft over him. Within the confines of the coffee shop, this was a perfect sound at a perfect moment.

He looked around and spied the young cellist, wearing a beautiful white cashmere cable-knit sweater and a flowing brown skirt. She looked up at him through garnet-rimmed glasses and strands of wavy brown hair, smiling.

“So, I finally got your attention.”

“Cindy? Why did you want my attention?”

“You told me you didn’t like cellos. They didn’t rock.”


“I’m here to prove they can.”

The first strains of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” rose from the cello, and Mark instantly knew he was going to eat humble pie.


14 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Kashmir (Sweater)

    • The “something to prove” angle can be heard within the music, and I felt that utilizing the “Kashmir/Cashmere” homonymic potential to it’s greatest purpose was necessary. 🙂

  1. Well-written and I really got into it. i had to do an exercise with my violin ensemble a few years ago and play some Led Zeppelin. I was initially a bit taken a back but it sounded quite good. I tend to play a lot of Bach, Four Seasons etc.
    This take gave your story a great twist.
    xx Rowena

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