Friday Fictioneers – New Year On High

(Author’s Note: The first Fictioneers of 2016, and I’m doing something a little different: Unique name, same great music and fiction you’ve come to love and enjoy! Next week’s writing will come from Cheongju, South Korea.)


© Melanie Greenwood

New Year On High

by Miles H. Rost

“I never though I’d see fireworks like this!”
“You mean, from ten thousand feet up in a jet?”
“This was a great idea, Mitch. You really made my New Year’s!”
“And I would like to make many more of these with you. Though, if you told me 9 years ago that I was going to be taking my worst enemy from high school up in my own private jet to celebrate New Year’s above Sydney…”
“And who would have though that I would actually be dating my sworn enemy in the first place.”
“Well, Melinda, they say people who hate each other sometimes really have too much love.”
“Wish I knew that back then. Would–“

20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – New Year On High

  1. Definite mystery here. Nicely done.
    PS. And the fireworks over Sydney Harbour are the best. I was there for the 1988 New Year’s-Bicentennial celebration. Beautiful!!

  2. I like the idea of watching fireworks from above. That’s a great image, although I’ll probably wait until I have my own private jet to see it, i.e. never. My guess for the ending is that a firework came too close and blew up the plane, but that’s just my morbid streak showing. 🙂

  3. My first thought was: too distracted, crash. Second thought was that he’s flashing a showy diamond ring in her face and they live happily ever after.

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