Friday Fictioneers – This Used To Be My Playground

(Author’s note: I am working to get back to weekly writing. Work just sucks the energy out of you. So take this, and enjoy!)

© Roger Bultot

This Used To Be My Playground

by Miles H. Rost

“I remember making Gurgles the Clown throw up outside of “The High Roller”!”
“He threw up on that karen, didn’t he?”
“Ha! Now I remember! She was really riding us all day.”
“Can’t believe it’s gone now.”
“Yeah, Once the virus hit, everything fun went away. Can’t go anywhere people might congregate”
“I guess the karens got back at us, after all.”
“Yep. They want us all to be miserable.”
“Did you hear what they will build on the site?”
“Probably another big box store.”
“That’s usually their go-to, isn’t it?”

“Miserable and compliant. That’s all they want us. Period.”

Friday Fictioneers – Hitchin’ A Ride

(Author’s note: On a well earned vacation this week, then 3 weeks of camp (I really do not understand the reason for camps. They don’t do what they’re supposed to do…</rant>.)  I may not be posting on February 21st, due to being in transit from Korea back to America. It’ll be quite…interesting. Otherwise, here’s today’s fictioneers!)


© J. Hardy Carroll

Hitchin’ A Ride

by Miles H. Rost

“We stayed WAY too late at the fair.”

Travis and Lizzie were bummed they missed the bus back to their home in the next county. Worth it to go to the amusement park, but not worth it to walk 25 miles back home.

“If we hoof it 2 miles an hour, we can be home by lunch.”

“Got your cell phone with?”

“You know my family doesn’t do cell phones, Trav.”

“Maybe your mom knows we’re gone…”

Just then, a blue Trans-Am pulled over and screeched the tires.

Lizzie facepalmed. Travis looked stunned.

“Well? Gonna get in, or ya gonna hoof it?”