Friday Fictioneers – Sound Of Silence

(Author’s Note: One of the primary reasons I haven’t written here in the last little bit has been because I’ve been involved in National Novel Writing Month. I have been spending a lot of energy on writing 50,000 words, in the hopes that I can not only do it, but maybe surpass it and get it into editing (the hard part). I’m inspired, funny enough, by Val McDearmid. She is a good Scottish writer who has had some of her work turned into streaming programs (Britbox’s “Karen Pirie” is the latest). So, I am working my hardest. But, I decided to take some time out today and write here. So here’s today’s work.)

Sound Of Silence

by Miles H. Rost

Marie sat in her chair, working on the same loop of crochet that she’d been working on for the last minute.

Her daughter, Margaret, sat by her with her hand on her knee.

Marie put down her crochet and looked into Margaret’s eyes.

“You don’t know what it’s like. To do something, then forget you already did it.”

“Oh, Mom…”

Marie smiled sadly, and put her hand on Margaret’s head.

“Time to get back to my crochet work.”

Margaret looked up as her mother picked up her project and started on the same loop, yet again.

Her heart shattered completely.

Go ahead. Click the frog. You know you wanna.

16 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Sound Of Silence

  1. That’s a tragic process, to lose someone slowly over a period of time and have to watch them lose themselves at the same time. Well done though. Good luck on Nano. Looks like you’re still well ahead of me so far. 🙂

  2. Poignant and moving. Well done! Good luck with your NaNoWriMo writing. I got bronchitis just as it was starting, so didn’t even try! But I might make a different goal than a complete novel. Happy writing!

  3. My mom couldn’t see well enough to crochet any more, but she told the same story multiple times in just five or ten minutes. It is indeed a sad and heart-wrenching thing to watch.

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