Friday Fictioneers – (The) Mission Bell

(Author’s Note: I have a feeling I know who A. Noni Mouse is, because I’ve seen that kitchen before. If I’m wrong, then someone has the exact same layout for a kitchen than others I know… )


©A. Noni Mouse

The Mission Bell

by Miles H. Rost

“You finished the dishes, Harlan?”


Harlan didn’t say too much. He knew that when the bell rang, he’d have to be off to work. He didn’t want to leave many words behind.

“I baked a cherry pie. Want a piece?”

“Thanks, Caiera, but no.”

Caiera knew that Harlan didn’t want to say much. She tried to make him as comfortable as he could, before that bell sounded.

With long silence between them, it was cut by the church bell’s chime.

Harlan picked up his rifle bag, and went to the door where Caiera snuck a kiss.

A sniper’s life.


5 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – (The) Mission Bell

  1. Trying to make sure I got this right. The church bell is the bell the sniper hears to let him know he has to go to work? Oh boy, that would be a tough association. The fact that the sniper goes more than once is troubling. I wonder who he shoots. Lots of unanswered questions. Intriguing story.

    I see you’re holding kombucha in your picture. I’ve been fermenting kombucha for a few years now. Good stuff!

    • Yep. The Mission’s bell is the one that gives him the order. I imagine that he’s probably getting his message with the bell, goes somewhere to get his task, then goes out to do it.

      I think I had that when I was down in Los Angeles. I think. Time’s been incredible weird lately.

      • Yes, time has taken on new aspects and dropped others. Working from home for many or just plain not working, or having to work in the middle of the danger zones has thrown a wrench into the works.

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