Friday Fictioneers – I Miss You

(Author’s note: Not much to say. “Quarantine” continues. Enjoy today’s missive!)


©Dale Rogerson

I Miss You

by Miles H. Rost


Kristina scanned the half-filled restaurant, bringing her eye to the empty table with the bright pink carnation.

“Hey, Jamie.”

The blonde at the end of the diner counter peeked her head up from under, a clattering of dishes announcing her.

“Have you seen Bart? He’s usually here at 7.”
“You mean table 9. Meatloaf, taters, and corn. Coffee with cream. Key Lime pie,”
“Yeah, that’s him.”

Jamie turner her head, staring out the front door.

“He died this morning. Rolled over to go to sleep, and … there.”

Kristina hung her head. Tears started to fall, as the hole in her heart gaped.



20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – I Miss You

  1. It is not a bad way to die … though for those who are left behind, the heartache remains just as sharp. We used to have a cafe near me, where everyone knew everyone, and all the ‘regulars’ kept tabs on the other regulars. When someone died, it was a communal mourning. I could see that in her eyes. …

  2. Your story reminds me of a movie I saw a long time ago, “As Good As it Gets.” You never know how important you might be in someone’s life. Maybe his last thought was of her…

  3. “You mean table 9. Meatloaf, taters, and corn. Coffee with cream. Key Lime pie,”
    And, yes, he was known and missed. Maybe not by name but …. A wonderful story. Thank you.

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