Friday Fictioneers – Jump

(Author’s note: I haven’t been to many people’s blogs lately. I haven’t been doing comments. Work has been very tough, and tiredness is a problem. I’m therefore changing some of my habits. I hope to be a bit more…focused coming forth. Starting this week. Now…JUMP!)


(look to your left, it’s right there.)


by Miles H. Rost


Racquon Phillips was surrounded. A brick wall of a man in front of him, a tall lanky weirdo covering on his left.

“Racquon! Jump!”

He himself was six feet tall, but these guys were massive. He didn’t know if he could get the shot off.

“Get ahead and jump!”

Racquon faked left, but no one moved. He was about to move when he saw the hand come straight from the left.


He jumped, and let the ball loose. It arced up, looking large as it approached the backboard.

Everyone stared as it started descending, hit the rim, and then…

(Care to find out? Why don’t you end it! I’d love to see what you all think!)


12 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Jump

  1. I think there’s skill in describing action in a way that’s not boring but easy to visualise, it’s harder than a lot of people realise, but you’ve done it!

    I personally think he misses, does that make me a pessimist?

  2. . . .the ball circled the rim twice and finally swooshed through the net πŸ™‚

    Isn’t it funny to think of a 6-foot tall basketball player as being short? Times have changed!

    • When I started teaching kids in Korea in 2010, the average height for the males was around 5’7″. By the time I ended in 2018, the average was 5’10”, and many of my students towered over me. It’s…very freaky.

  3. the ball ricocheted and hit the homeless man sleeping in the grass. The homeless man growled and screamed unintelligibly as he ran after them with urine streaming down his leg.

    That’s how every game of basketball I’ve ever played ended.

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