Friday Fictioneers – Waiting For An Answer

(Author’s note: I’m not sure exactly what it is, but my job has given me a few issues regarding rest and sleep. Mentally, my job is exhausting. And writing after a hard day is one of those things that I have been endeavoring to do, but yet many times failing over this summer period. I’m hoping to get better, but I’m not sure what that will look like.

Until then, you have today. And a Fictioneers post from me. Enjoy!)


© Dale Rogerson

Waiting For An Answer

by Miles H. Rost


Carlos looked back from the window, blinking his eyes to readjust.

“Well what?”
“Have you paid any attention to what I’m asking?”
“Yes. I just don’t know what you want.”

Debra looked him dead in the eye.

“I’m waiting for an answer about moving in together.”

Carlos thought for a moment, recalling all the events they had apart. He snickered as he thought about them.


He stood and smiled.

“No. We are not moving in together.”
“WHAT?! What do you mean?”
“I mean, I’m not living with you. I don’t need a hen in my house. We’re through.”


9 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Waiting For An Answer

    • To which when I wrote it, I had it as opposite. He was better off not moving in with her. Part of that was in how she demanded an answer, which a person can get severely turned off by (certainly did that to me many many moons ago.)

  1. First off, sorry to hear your job is mentally exhausting you and hope whatever conditions that make it so shift for you. Secondly, when a person is being “pecked” to make a huge decision, the answer may not be what the “pecker” wants. Maybe they can reconcile, but maybe not, if things don’t change for each of them. Tense story and well-written.

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