Friday Fictioneers – Running Up That Hill

(Author’s note: Life is doing pretty well. Interviews happening, help to others being given, and with the exception of being clipped by a hit and run driver (no personal damage to body, a little to the back of my van), things are doing well. Here’s this week’s fictioneers!)


© K. Rawson

Running Up That Hill

by Miles H. Rost

Mandy stared into Josh’s eyes.

“You don’t understand me.”
“What do you mean?”
“This. We are standing just below our target’s hideout, and we’re arguing.”

Josh’s face wore blank.

“I just want to know, before we go in, that we’re on the same page.”
“Of course we’re on the same page. We’re going to axe this guy, then get out of the country.”
“Are you sure?”

Mandy just sighed.

“If you’re going to be addle-brained, I’ll do it myself and Leave you behind.”
“You wouldn’t do-”


Shards of building rained upon them.

Mandy dropped the detonator and walked away.


20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Running Up That Hill

  1. Poor Josh! Oh well, guess she’s moving on, and probably better off.

    I got a big kick out of the title of your story. I’ve been by this hill many times listening to that song, although personally I’m a fan of the Placebo cover.

  2. Miles, you distracted me from your flash with that Kate Bush clip. My 12 year old daughter is a dancer and while she’s still pretty young, I get to watch the older teens dance not that differently to that clip and I see them up close, which is amazing. So, I found watching the clip quite electrifying.
    Getting back to your flash, it was very well crafted with that twist at the end. I’ll watch out for her. She seems more dangerous that the explosive and I like how you broke with gender stereotypes there.
    Best wishes,

  3. She wasn’t kidding, was she? He really should have been listening to the plan, and to her. Thanks for the Kate Bush clip — I love the song but I don’t think I ever saw the video. Cool.

  4. The twists in this story are great. I also loved the way you tied the meaning of Running Up That Hill about a couple not understanding each other to the story. But took it to a whole other level! Great story.

  5. Fun story! Sorry about the hit and run! I used to have a little red convertible and one day I went to get in the car. It was smashed in on the right back panel and dirt was mashed into the crinkled metal. Well, we just happened to have a landscape company at the time – Well, they did pay for it, but I don’t think he would have told me

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