Friday Fictioneers – The Red Plains

(Author’s note: I am writing this in a hunt and peck form due to my left wrist being cracked. I will likely be in a splint for 4 weeks, then in a wrist brace for 4 more…depending. Anyhow, here’s today’s fictioneers.)


©J. Hardy Carroll

The Red Plains

by Miles H. Rost


That is what was left of the old brownstone building in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska.

Andy Patridge looked at the charred papers strewn about the grounds. His 40 years of law and life, gone in 20 minutes.

“Any idea of who caused this?”

The fire chief looked at Andy and furrowed his caterpillar brows.

“You keep thinking someone did this. We have no clue how this was done.”

“Actually,” the arson examiner popped up behind them, “I can conclude that it was likely his ex-wife that did it.”

“How’d you know that?” The chief balked.

“Spraypainted message. Says, “Die, you arseluch.”





30 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Red Plains

  1. Great story Miles – made me grin!
    It may be an obvious clue, but they won’t get a conviction without decent evidence; as the wife of a lawyer, she’ll know that. And good for her – she had the last word!
    Sorry to hear about your damaged wrist – ouch. Take care – we won’t forget you if it forces you offline.

  2. No detective is needed to solve this mystery. His ex-wife was absolutely stupid for leaving such a comment. She may just as well of signed her name to it. The insurance company will not drop trying to find out who started the fire. Surely she IS on the run without her “insurance” money she was hoping to collect half.

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