Friday Fictioneers – Hold On My Heart

(Author’s note: A couple things to add this time.

First, I’d like to welcome a new person to the link-world of Music And Fiction. My good friend Sarah Kim does a special music blog, called My Music Canvas, where she features lots of different music from all over. She’s an incredible musical soul, and someone who is very passionate about it. And being as this blog IS called “Music and Fiction”, there had to be a good connection. So everyone should go over to My Music Canvas, and drop a little note to Sarah about the music she looks at and discusses.

Next, this last year has been a bit of a difficult one in trying to write more than just fictioneers. However, I did write a very short story. It was something I just needed to get out, and even though the wording may seem unbelievable, it really doesn’t matter. It’s something that needed to be written and posted on here. So if you have the notion, go over to my longer-fiction work called “No Promises“, and enjoy.

Now, onto a very heart-laden Friday Fictioneers (which like most of my stories are not based on true events, unless I say so. ^_-)


© Kelvin M. Knight

Hold On My Heart

by Miles H. Rost

He scraped the knife across the piece of bread.

The peanut butter rolled on like a blanket, melting slightly as it touched the hot dough.

Rolling like the tear that tumbled down his cheek.

Each spread brought one more tear.

He dipped the sticky knife into the jar of homemade cherry jam, pulling out the red preserves.

He sniffed.

He spread the thick and sweet concoction on the other slice.

Another tear teetered on his chin.

He wrapped the sandwich, and put it in his bag. He dried his face, and sighed.

He found that tears added something to sandwiches.


32 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Hold On My Heart

      • I was sure his tears had some reason and expected a heartbreaking story of loss or anger or… not gettingng into that but giving us that last sentence was so unexpected, made me smile.

  1. This was such a sad piece. You captured really captured despair and heartbreak. I like The peanut butter rolled on like a blanket”, it so visual.

    • Many people who haven’t posted here have said that, the visual thing. And that’s how I like to do things. Describe things in a way that makes you see it in your mind very clearly.

  2. i liked the comparison of peanut butter rolling like a blanket and the tear rolling down the cheek.
    hmmm the ending makes me think…I was sad and thinking what was the reason for the sorrow, and at the last line i thought, “” Wait! Does this mean…?”
    Loved the ending. Its open for the reader to interpret it 😀

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