Friday Fictioneers – Let Love Be The Leader

(Author’s Note: Nothing. Chickenpox is running rampant in the schools here, and I have to be very careful now. Washing hands, etc. everyday. It’s annoying. Here’s today’s fictioneers.)


© Ted Strutz

Let Love Be The Leader

by Miles H. Rost

Annika Lane peeked out from behind the tree, hearing the purr of the Shelby Cobra Mustang creeping close.

Once she saw it, she picked up her backpack and ran. Jumping in the window, she snapped her seatbelt and yelled “go!”

Tire marks were all that were left behind as the driver and his young lady blazed a trail as far from the area as possible.

“Where are we going, Luke?”

Luke Palumbo looked back.

“Somewhere were love will lead us. We’ll catch the ferry. Then drive until empty.”

She smiled, knowing their safety was a mere ferry ride away.



24 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Let Love Be The Leader

    • I now remember where I got the inspiration from. The movie “Disturbing Behavior”. I think it’s a “true escape”. The key is directing how they move while listening to the song.

    • The inspiration for the writing was the movie “Disturbing Behavior”, which was part of that late 1990s teen angst/rebelling/sci-fi control sub-genre. You take it from there! ^_^

  1. I loved this too. It reminded me of Daisy Duke and the Dukes of Hazard. That goes way back. Sounds like a great forbidden love story and I can see the dust in their wake.
    Well done.
    BTW there’s a typo here:”Somewhere were love will lead us.” I gather it should read where love will lead us.”
    xx Rowena

    • A few people, including one of my ESL students (who reads pretty well) said that as well. The line was more of an afterthought. But I’m glad it left an impression! Thanks, Neel! 🙂

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