Friday Fictioneers – Set Me In Motion

(Author’s Note: Currently working on my summer plans, and it’s going to be quite interesting come August. Here’s today’s fictioneers, and if you know the title/song, then you know why I used it.)



© Karuna

Set Me In Motion

by Miles H. Rost

Sarah Jeon was in tears.

Her family home in rural Kentucky had burned down. It spread too fast for her to get the two small teddy bears that were her last connection to her birth mom in Korea.

While firemen hosed down the hollow house, one walked over from the remains of her bedroom, carrying something in a sheet.

“Little lady,” the 6-foot-5 firefighter boomed, as he kneeled down to look at the 8 year old, “This little one was looking for you.”

He opened the sheet, her bear only singed

“Kimchi!” she cried.

She hugged and cried into his shoulder.


22 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Set Me In Motion

  1. A beautifully written tale. A heroic fireman returning something that meant the world. Have seen this happen all too often. Had my bible returned to me after my attic room at a foster home was gutted by flames. It was tucked beside the chimney. The fire was intense. The bible… not even a single singed page or cover. I wept when my Firechief returned it to me.

    • This was actually based on my experience of having a house fire at the age of 7. It didn’t destroy the house…in fact, it was actually quite minor. But it was still a bit traumatizing.

  2. I really loved your story. It was very sensitively told. I also appreciated hearing about the fire which inspired it. I went with a flood in my take, which was harking back to the Queensland floods a few years ago. We were a bit south and were spared the flooding but experienced the deluge.
    Best wishes,

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