Friday Fictioneers – Children

(Author’s Note: None. Just enjoy today’s fictioneers! And Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms.)


© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


by Miles H. Rost

The park was full of them. Each and every one of them a precious life.

It was always this way after the first warm-up of the season. Kids in their sweatshirts and jeans were playing. It was great for us adults to see.

I just turned onto 45th when the sun blazed between the two large buildings ahead. I squinted and got my visor down as quickly as possible.

That’s when I heard the thump.

Then the screams.

I stopped my car immediately, got out, and looked behind me.

She wore orange that day. I didn’t see her.

She was 12.

R.I.P. Roberto Concina (aka Robert Miles)


18 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Children

  1. My heart lept into my throat. Heartbreaking.
    Oh. I love that piece of music and had no idea what it was called!

  2. It only takes a moment…
    One of the most famous Swedish short stories is called “To kill a child” by Stig Dagerman… it was written for traffic safety and had a huge impact.

    To quote: “Afterwards it’s always too late”

  3. My heart was in my mouth, this was powerful. And sadly too true. I believe that all cars should be mandatorily fitted with sensors at the front, to stop the car when it perceives a potential accident.

  4. As having been hit twice in the past week by cars while crossing the street in crosswalk and with light, I can honestly say sunlight wasn’t the cause. In both incidents, the driver was texting on cell while making a right turn on red. Neither stayed, just drove off as if life didn’t matter to them. I’m left with busted shoulder that needs surgery, and with no health insurance….

  5. Heartbreaking story. I was reading the last few lines chanting no, no because I was afraid of what was coming.

  6. Wow. I’m not sure what else to say. A powerful and tragic story. I hope it’s not autobiographical 😦

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