Friday Fictioneers – Baby Baby

(Author’s note: Currently working on longer fiction piece, hopefully for publication. It’s a good one, but I will still be making time for Fictioneers. Here’s today’s piece.)


© Janet Webb

Baby Baby

by Miles H. Rost

The ambulances were splashing away from the parking lot of the movie theater.

Nearly a foot of water was in this section of the parking lot. An area with over a hundred guys walking around, dazed.

It was a special movie night, where pregnant moms got in for free with the purchase of a normal ticket and a concession box. What was not expected was the pain when the first mother walked out of the theater, followed by another mother.

Pretty soon, every mother’s water had broken. Over 100 mothers were taken to the hospital that night, after one of the worst rainstorms in ages.

It is still known to this day as the “Night of the Baby Flood”.


23 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Baby Baby

    • For some reason, the picture made me think of the movie “The Coneheads”, when Primaat (played by Jane Curtin) was vacuuming and her water broke. And it was like…’I wonder…’

      Thanks for the comment!

  1. I’m interested in how this will affect the popular psyche in 40 years, after all the babies are “over the hill” — who is in politics, who is a drug addict, who has a Ph. D., who is a successful business(wo)man, who “got religion”(any one), who’s a war hero, who’s in prison, who started a new movement, who’s dead?

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