Friday Fictioneers – Windmills Of Your Mind

(Author’s Note: I am doing a little bit better, but won’t be on the full track for a little while. It’s the end of the term at uni! That means…so much fun. There is a possibility I may have to go dark for a week, but I am hoping that will not be the case. Here is today’s Fictioneers!)


Photo Prompt © Ted Strutz

Windmills of Your Mind

by Miles H. Rost

“How many applications did you put out this week?” Miguel asked, as he chewed on an apple.
“30 as of Thursday, with 15 more coming up,” Carmen replied.
“And how many do you expect callbacks on?”
“Probably about 5, at best.”
“Why do you do it, Carm?”

Carmen sat back, leaning herself against his leg.

“I think it’s because I want to be useful.”
“But you don’t necessarily have to work to be useful.”

She gave Miguel’s knee a kiss.
“I want to be useful for you. That’s why I do it.”

Miguel just raised his hands and smiled.


18 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Windmills Of Your Mind

  1. I, too, am in the middle of a semester, but I thought I’d try to get through as many stories as I could in the hour I have free. This is an exceptional combo of story and music.

      • I was in that bind a few years ago. It seemed almost hopeless, so I took a job that I felt was lesser than my skills, working at a gas station. While working there I made good contacts with customers and ended up in the full time government position I am in right now. Keep your head up, you will find something

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