Friday Fictioneers – Playing It Safe

(Author’s Note: Hey folks! Hope you’ve been paying attention and watching things. Even in the weirdness of school, I have had time to write. You all should be able to read my latest piece, Her Last Performance. The music will really make that one pop. Otherwise, here’s this week’s Fictioneers offering! Enjoy!)

© Claire Fuller

Playing It Safe

by Miles H. Rost

“Got another one for you.”

The desk clerk looked up from his newspaper, and at Riley Martin, the ambulance driver.

“Where did you find them?”

“Park Bench, Glen Martin Park, Irish Street side.”

There have been at least four that came from there, Riley thought.

“What was their condition?”

“Paralyzed, but with tears on the face and a voice saying ‘Brenda.'”

“Got a name on him?”

“Yep. Tyrone Brandon, aged 19. Student at the local U. Where should I put him?”

“Cell 6. We’ll prepare him soon.”

The paramedic wheeled Tyrone to the cell, and closed the doors, turning the wheels.

Another guest, checking into the Heartbreak Hotel.

15 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Playing It Safe

  1. I love this idea – picking people up by ambulance for their broken hearts. But I’m not sure about using ‘them’ and then switching to ‘he’ – makes it very confusing who you’re talking about.

    • That’s intentional. Them is also used as a way to disguise “she” or “he” until such time as you want to make the reveal.

      Something I learned this week in class. Again, experimentation! 😀

  2. Good story and interesting experiment. Experimenting is great fun with flash fic. Do people really use ‘they and them’ for one person when they don’t know the gender? That’s sounds very odd to me.

  3. Loved the music. Experiments are great but you could lose your reader in a longer piece due to the confusion they experience. I too wondered where they had gone. Interesting to break the rules though in flash and make a decision whether or not it works. Great concept with heart break hotel.

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