Friday Fictioneers – Train of Thought

Author’s Note: Welcome aboard yet again! Most of you have noticed that today’s offering is a bit late. That’s because a lot of things have happened this week regarding my potential move to Australia. Things should be stable, and because of that…here’s your story for today! 

copyright Jennifer Pendergast

Train of Thought

by Miles H. Rost


Lucas Milford hated hearing that word, in the modern context. His commute and his job, though, were the biggest forms of forced obedience for him.

He looked around the subway car, seeing all the gray and black suits and dresses. He wondered for just a moment whether he would be able to survive it all.

“Pulling into 92nd Street. Next stop: 112th Street – Broadway Station” the speaker droned out.

Lucas sighed as the train pulled one stop closer to his home. He started to close his eyes.

A flash of yellow streaked by him.

His eyes shot open, and he looked around. He spied the lemon yellow dress of a beautiful woman, whose green eyes bore into his, and red hair screamed out “different!” to him.

“Such…color…” he said, as the woman started moving closer to him.

5 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Train of Thought

  1. I enjoyed this story, and it is very well written.
    Obedience is a great word to describe his life, which is why I can understand him being caught by a flash of bright colours.
    Also, I hope your move Down Under goes smoothly!

  2. Dear Miles, I love the way you wrote this – he seems to be stuck in a black & gray world and then he sees a “hot” yellow friend and he perks right up. Great! Nan 🙂

  3. Dear Miles,

    I love the contrasts between the grays and yellow. Yes, I get the allegory. And the video is hypnotic.

    Glad things are stabilizing in your life. Mine has been on the crazy side lately and I haven’t finished reading last week’s stories.



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