Friday Fictioneers – Life In A Northern Town

Author’s Note: Welcome back for another week. Since the week isn’t over, and tomorrow’s not a busy day, my next major story will hopefully be ready to go. Otherwise, enjoy this tune. For note, the picture below is courtesy of the man who got me blogging again, Mr. David Stewart at the Green Walled Tower

copyright – David Stewart

Life In A Northern Town

by Miles H. Rost

It wasn’t a normal day. The old timers in the band were finishing up their practice a bit later than they should have, and were not really interested in taking time with the stragglers outside the gazebo.

“…but we love your work! We’re your greatest fans!” two young children ran up, getting close to one of the tuba players.

“You’re my grandchildren! Of course you’re gonna be my greatest fans!” the crotchety old tubist replied, trying to get away.

“Lars! Get home this instant, your swedish meatballs are getting cold!” another older woman called, in a near scream.

“I’ll be there in a moment, Helga! Stop breaking the glass!”

Simple life, in a Northern town.

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