Friday Fictioneers – Flesh and Blood

Welcome to this week’s fictioneers. While you’re here, take a read over my last big story, “Solitary Man“. I will be trying to do much more regularly updates soon, but work is raking me over the coals. Stay tuned.

Flesh and Blood
by Miles Rost

I was sitting at the bar that last night. I look on it now, and I know I should never have gone. But I was so mad about work, I needed to go somewhere.

This short brunette sidled up to me while I was deep into my second Guinness.

“Hey, stranger. Why are you here?”

“Bad day at work. I’d like to be alone.”

She was empathic. She even bought me another Guinness.

That was all it took to take me home. What was supposed to be a night of passion, turned into my death.

My flesh and blood gone, stripped by a spider with sweet smelling hair.

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