Friday Fictioneers – Beyond This Point

A little note before we start: I am in the stages of moving from my current residence to a new residence, and may not have internet access for a few days. Also, with moving comes lots of packing, planning, and getting things in order. Therefore, I may not be able to write anything in the next week. However, if I get the time and the patience, things will continue as normal.

That all being said, let’s get onto today’s story:

copyright Jennifer Pendergast

Beyond This Point

The young man beamed at his family with pride.

“This, by far, is one of the best days of my life. I finally have something I can call mine!”

His parents shined their approval as they looked at his garb.

As he picked up his cap from the ground, he looked around at the walls of the place where, for four years, he allowed himself to flourish.

“Mom? Dad? What do I do now?”

His dad smiled, and pointed behind him.

“Everything that happens from here on out, happens beyond that point. That gate is where life begins.”

His son smiled at him.

“I think I’m ready.”

10 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Beyond This Point

  1. Dear Miles,

    An uplifting tale well told.

    BTW for some reason your blog has a warning message. I proceeded to find you on my iPad but there’s something hinkiy going on. This might explain the lack of comments on your story.



  2. as they looked at his garb … As he picked up his cap Might want to rethink this repeat of “as they as he.” Just my two cents. May he go forth and flourish. I agree with Kent, this should be read at graduations.

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