Friday Fictioneers – Settlers of…

I promise, I’ll get back to story writing very very soon. Moving and trying to get everything related to a new job done is a bit of a pain in the butt, along with trying to reduce stress.

copyright Sandra Crook

Settlers of…
by Miles Rost

The players, the warlords of the nation, met together for their turn.

“Alright, I’m needing some brick. Anyone got brick?” Mr. North asked

Mr. East snickered.

“I got tons of brick. Trade me some sheep?”

“Nah, I don’t have sheep now. The week wasn’t plentiful.”

“How about wheat?”

“I’ll trade you a wheat for a brick.”

“Deal,” he said, as he turned his head back towards his aide-de-camp, “Achmed! Bring the pallette of brick!”

Mr. North did the same with a large grain truck full of wheat.

Mr. South was unhappy, and huffed around.

“What about my sheep?!?!”

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