Friday Fictioneers – Daddy Hazards

Hey, everyone. I hope you all have a chance to read my latest stories, including “The Runner” and last week’s hit “Changing Tides“. Besides that, all aboard for today’s Friday Fictioneers.

copyright Doug M. MacIlroy

Daddy Hazards

Harlan secured the helmet over his face, tightening it down.

“Alright, it’s in place and the apparatus is operational!”

His wife, Marisa, looked at him nervously.

“Are you sure that you’ll be able to do this correctly?”

“Of course! It’ll be alright. He’ll grow out of this phase, hopefully.”

He slowly sauntered over to the table, and pulled out two pairs of pliers.

“Honey, did you ever think that we’d have to deal with a child who’s poo makes a paper mill smell like a rose garden?”

“Nope, but I didn’t expect to have a child in the first place. Miracles do happen.”

“And I wouldn’t trade it for the world, honey!”

11 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Daddy Hazards

  1. Good luck changeing a diaper with pliers! And don’t pinch the baby. Maybe they should either hold their breaths or do what I’ve read some people do when watching an autopsy–put Vicks between the upper lip and nose. 🙂


  2. Good use of the diving helmet and a set of pliers! 😉 I liked the part about wondering if he’d grow out of it. Oh, and I lived in a town with a paper mill. Yikes!

  3. I lived in a town with a paper mill and although it could be pretty bad down next to it, I’d still prefer that to diapers. 🙂 I like this image you’ve created, of the father, breathing like Darth Vader, as he went to change the diaper. Poor baby. 🙂

  4. very funny. I’ve never been to a paper mill and I had no idea that they smelled so bad, so I’ve also learnt something new – maybe it will come in useful one day.

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